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Ten years ago (in 2002) we started Design Publications as a company that would publish great stories by new authors so that readers could enjoy the books majorBook display publishers ignored. We always believed aspiring writers deserved a chance to be read so we originally published their work as eBooks.


Unfortunately, there were no pocket-sized electronic readers like the Kindle so our books could only be read on personal computers. It was an idea that never really took off. Readers felt more comfortable with the look and feel of paper so we branched into publishing paperbacks which we sold on our other website - GoldStar Books.


What we discovered over the years was that a lot of effort goes into preparing a book for publication and, since all this effort was applied to help our authors get their work onto the market and make a few bob for themselves, there was little left in it for us. As a result we have now decided to bring down the shutters and call it a day.

Our Authors

We are very pleased to have helped a number of authors to get their manuscripts published and their work can still be seen on our GoldStar website. Click the links on the left to take you there.


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